focus on imaging is gone – Focus on Imaging ist Geschichte

Die britische Fotomesse Focus on Imaging 2013 war die letzte, eine Focus on Imaging 2014 wird es nicht geben. Nach einer offiziellen Mitteilung von Mary Walker Exhibitions Ltd. wird es keine weitere Focus on Imaging geben. Seit 1990 hat Mary Walker jährlich dieses britische Gegenstück zur Kölner photokina veranstaltet. Es war eine Erfolgsgeschichte. Nun hat Mary Walker bekanntgegeben, sie werde keine weitere Focus veranstalten aber Focus auch nicht verkaufen. Sie hat Focus on Imaging aus dem Nichts erschaffen und sie beendet es. Hochachtung.

Pressemitteilung von Focus on Imaging vom 31.05.2013:
Following a successful and long-running contribution to the photography industry  spanning 
24 years of the annual Focus On Imaging exhibition – and after more  than half a million visitors have enjoyed photography through the Show – Mary  Walker Exhibitions would like to announce that the 2013 Focus on Imaging  exhibition was the last. 

Mary Walker said: „Focus On Imaging will not be sold  – I’m simply bringing it to an end.“ She continued: „It is with great pride that  I look upon an amazing period of time in my life, where I continually worked  hard to run Focus On Imaging to the absolute best of my ability. I myself, the  Show and my committed team have witnessed the phenomenal growth and  revolutionary changes that have come to the photographic industry, and I am  proud to have offered photographers and manufacturers an opportunity to come  together professionally and personally over the years.“

Mary said: „There are  now so many elements of a photographer’s working life that we simply could not  have imagined back at the inception of the original ‚Focus On Photography‘ as it  was 24 years ago. 
It’s been an immensely rewarding job that has brought  experiences and friendships that will always remain. I am certain that the time  is right for the industry to perhaps find fresh opportunities and bring new  ideas to photographers – maybe we’re due a new revolution of some kind?“ 

Mary  is aware that she has a long list of people to thank, concluding: „I would like  to offer my thanks to all of the exhibiting companies, large and small – both  now and in the history of the Show – for their support; then of course my small  team who have helped make everything happen each year; and certainly Focus would  never have been the experience that it became without the visitors who walked  through its doors. It’s been a fantastic journey.“

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